The excellent lightweight note-taking app, Simplenote by Automattic, has received a welcome update for its iOS app.

Simplenote is a free note-taking app, under the umbrella of Automattic, and is without a doubt one of the best lightweight cross-platform note apps available. Aside from its price, minimalistic focus on just writing, and lightweight design, Simplenote also supports Markdown.

Markdown has gradually been added to the different Simplenote apps in recent years, making Simplenote also one of the best Markdown note taking apps. Currently only the macOS app lacks Markdown support.

The new version, 4.4.2, adds Spotlight support, a user interface refresh, as well as bugfixes hee and there as per the release notes. Spotlight search integration makes using Simplenote even faster, especially for iOS users with large collections of notes.

As any other Automattic solution, with the exception of Akismet, Simplenote is open-source software. Simplenote can be used for free with a account.

Download the newest release from the App Store


The Simplenote app for macOS has also been updated as per Simplenote’s blog and is available from the Mac App Store. The update includes mainly bugfixes.