The most common way to discover what theme and/or plugins are used on a WordPress site is to check the source code of the site – usually looking for references to the theme and plugins in the header, sometimes also by checking CSS classes of sections.

While usually, that works, even for Web Inspector pros, it can be a tedious task at times, occasionally requiring one to find a CSS class and then search for it with your preferred search engine.

Luckily there are some sites which make an attempt to make the task easier.

What WordPress Theme Is That results for tries to discover both the theme and plugins a site is running.

In our first tests, it has proven rather buggy though and couldn’t find the themes operated on this site (Gloria), on iFranky (Twenty Fifteen) or on Make’s World (Kubrick).1

Interestingly enough when we removed https:// from the URLs entered, What WP Theme is That did return the correct themes. A slight bug/issue but nevertheless a poor UX.

The site also makes an attempt at trying to discover which plugins are running but the results were rather limited. Obviously, this is entirely dependent on the output of plugins [in a site’s header]. Yet we found it a nice addition when plugins were returned.

What Theme? results for has a slightly different approach in that it is multi-CMS compatible, but only scans for themes used.

What Theme can read out the theme used for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Shopify, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, Big Cartel and Magento websites.

Much to our pleasure What Theme wasn’t fussy about whether we included https:// in the URL to be checked, or didn’t and flawlessly returned the result.

We liked that What Theme operates a list of ‘Top Providers‘, i.e. a ranking of the most scanned theme authors/platforms. While not a necessity, it was a nice touch and extension for the site.

  1. All three sites have mainly default configuration for their theme and no changes have been made to the style.css description.