Sometimes it can be useful to have a list of handy links at hand, easily accessible. This is especially practical on larger sites with different sections such as WordPress installations with a shop, FAQ, forums, different custom post type section. Or to have a quick link to your Search Console.

Some links are nested rather deep in the WordPress sidebar navigation while you may want to access them regularly. Quickly.

Maybe you use a menubar/sidebar cleaning plugin and have hidden sections, links from the sidebar. Maybe you have setup WordPress for a client and want to provide an easy way to access included documentation. Maybe you want to link to external sites, or dashboard, or your Slack group and project management dashboard.

Queue the Dashboard Quick Links Widget plugin by Hem Tapa.

Dashboard Quick Links Widget

The plugin is a lightweight solution to easily extend the WordPress Admin Dashboard with a widget with useful, frequently accessed links.

Add links of your own choice to your new dashboard quick links widget.

The beauty of the widget is that it is easy to include both WP-admin internal and external links. The plugin also offers the option to include a header and footer note, complete with background color highlight option, in the dashboard widget.

While its syntax may be rather outdated, or weird to some, combined with the support for Font Awesome icons, the Dashboard Quick Links Widget plugin may be the easiest way to add quick access links to the WordPress admin dashboard. The easiest way beyond rolling your own widget with a code snippet or inserting your own WP Admin Bar [drop-down] menu.